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    Standard Consulting Services

    Computost provides software consulting services at an hourly rate. For details on our hourly rates, please reach out to

    Mission Driven Consulting Services

    Not all projects that provide value to the greater community have the capital to hire a team of developers to build and support their product. Computost has a special type of service called "Mission Driven" which gives projects, that we see as highly beneficial to the community, with low or non existent funding an opportunity to be created and provide value.

    If Computost members collectively agree to take on a Mission Driven project, we will work with the client to make their product a reality. An hourly rate will be decided upon. Hours spent will be tracked. After the product is created, if the product generates revenue, payments over time will be made to eventually pay off the effort spent to create the product.

    Service Details

    New Application Development

    Integrations to and or from new applications

    Enhancements to Existing Applications
    Reviews of Existing Applications
    Deployment and Infrastructure Configuration

    Automated Deployments Test Driven Development

    Core Competencies


    C# SQL Javascript Typescript Powershell Ruby

    Frameworks / Libraries

    Webpack React Vite MaterialUI FluentUI


    Power Platform Azure DevOps API Management Microsoft SQL Server Azure Function App Azure Cosmos Kusto Azure Data Factory Synapse Data Lake Data Bricks Azure Web Apps Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) SSIS SSRS


    Github Workflows Actions


    Firebase Google Cloud Storage

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